I (am trying to) Love Who I Am

Today, I could really use someone to just tell me I’m ok. That I’m not a terrible person. That my trans-ness doesn’t disqualify me from being a decent human being. That I’m still a good person. That I’m the kind of person someone would want their kid to grow up to be like. I don’t always need that kind of reassurance, but when I do it’s hard to do anything else until I feel better. I’ve been trying to focus on a single line from Janelle Monae’s Q.U.E.E.N.

2015-11-25 00.28.25


Even if it makes other uncomfortable, I will love who I am.
Rinse, Repeat.



3 thoughts on “I (am trying to) Love Who I Am

  1. You are not at terrible person at all. None of us are perfect. There is going to be something about all of us that makes other people uncomfortable. We cannot please everyone with who we are in life all the time. With that in mind just be who you are and love it. There where be other people who will love it also. It just a matter of seeking those people out.

    1. Thanks. I appreciate you thoughtfulness a great deal. This whole post was a response to a rather unfriendly reception I got while visiting extended family over the holidays. I do try to find people who will love and accept all of me, but you can’t change your relatives (Wouldn’t that be great?)

      1. Your welcome 🙂 That is something I can relate with in my own birth family. Visiting them would often bring me down in the process. It would be great indeed if I could change them instead of having to deal with it.

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