Geeky Cross-Stitch

I recently completed a few cross-stitches and embroideries for friends and thought maybe you’d all be interested in seeing the kinds of things I put my time and effort into. They’re all magnificently nerdy in their own right. I designed each of them myself, and obviously also did the stitchery. I apologize for the not-amazing photography. Operating cameras has never really been my forte, this is why I do things like cross-stitch instead.

thievesThis first one is a reference to Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards Series. I made it for the friend that recommended The Lies of Locke Lamora to me. If you’re into heist-driven plot lines, magnificent world-building, and zingy one-liners than you should give this book read. There are currently three books out in the series, but Lynch is hoping to write seven altogether.

cassandra This next one is fairly obvious if you’re a Whovian. It’s Lady Cassandra from The End of the World and New Earth episodes of Doctor Who. She is somewhat of a running joke at our weekly D&D group.

darkness This is a reference to An 8 Bit Reenactment of Dungeons and Dragons, that is also a running joke at our D&D nights (for obvious reasons). I can’t tell you how often moments like this actually happen. There was one occasion in which we had been sneaking around a crypt and every door was stealthily opened only to reveal no threat. After what seemed like 948 careful entrances, I got bored. My dwarf character stormed into the next room, kicking down doors and shouting as loud as he could- only to reveal the biggest fight we’d seen for weeks. Then a rock fell on my head. D&D is way more fun than most people think.

field of fucks This last one is really just the embodiment of my friend’s snark. I saw this phrase floating around in the meme-sphere and decided it needed to become a cross-stitch. I was not the first one to have this idea, but this is my own interpretation and design.

So, yeah. This is the kind of thing I do for fun.


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