Sometimes People are Alright.

I just wanted to let it be known to the world that sometimes coming out is not horrible. Sometimes people are capable of love and understanding even in the face of things they don’t entirely comprehend. Sometimes, your cousin tells you “You’re the same person you were when we were growing up and this doesn’t change anything.” Sometimes people are pretty awesome.

I spent last weekend with my extended family. Almost half of them (there were 18 of us altogether when you count aunts, uncles, cousins and significant others). I’ve, technically speaking, been ‘out’ for about a year and a half, but the last time I saw most of my family in person I was in a pretty white dress at my wedding four and a half years ago.

While most of them approached the situation in a decidedly Midwestern manner by more or less ignoring that there was any kind of issue at all, it was still reassuring. The whole weekend was a parade of incorrect pronouns, but everyone was trying. People apologized and corrected each other. Nobody got my name wrong. It was weird. And great. And awful. And amazing. And really made me miss my family. I consider myself so lucky to have grown up with people that can love and respect me for exactly who I am.


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