To the New Year!

I have always joked that my birthday is the day that New Years Resolutions decide to die. A week into the new year is about the time that most people have finally slept off their hangover, settled back into the same routine, and realized that they really do hate going to the gym. I’ve always disliked most new years resolutions. They often seem so frivolous and unattainable. I believe in resolutions that can actually make you a better person or help you learn something, not just slim down for your cousin’s wedding.

The best resolutions are things that you actually want to do, not something you feel obliged to do. I’ve had a few successful resolutions in the past. Last year I wanted to get better at talking about food. I know it seems vague, but I love food and wanted to become better at conversing with people about it. I would take time after a great meal and try to describe why it was so satisfying. Was it the briny quality of the uni playing off the earthiness of the asparagus and crisp radishes? Was it the caramel flavor from de-glazing the pan in bourbon that made the pecans so delicious? I have eaten and cooked more diverse and exciting food in this past year than anytime in my life previously because of this one vague notion that I wanted to be better at talking about food. It proved more successful and attainable than any concrete cooking goal of the past. Like the year I tried to cook a new recipe every week. Sometimes you just don’t want to try something new, and then there’s pressure to maintain results. It becomes more stressful than joyous, and why make a resolution to complicate your life for the worse?

This year, I’ve made a pretty simple goal. I mentioned it a couple posts ago, but to reiterate- I want to read more books written by women this year. I have a pretty low bar to overcome, having only read three in 2014. I guess four now. I finished Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo this morning. I suppose still have a few more days to power-read one more if I really want to, but I think I want to finish Legend of Korra and do some embroidery instead. Hopefully this small new years resolution grows into another year of learning and excitement in the way that last year’s did.

Cheers to 2014 and to new adventures in 2015!


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